Monday, March 15, 2010

sweet revenge

hola guys. it's my first post use the english. mohon bantuannya misalnya ada salah2(maklum masih belajar)

Okay. what happened with sweet revenge? is it MCR's album 'three cheers for sweet revenge'? No no. it's about my friend that i told you before. She gave me sweet revenge you know?! errgh such a jerk! I know it's my false i know it's too annpying for you. But, do you remember that i said sorry on saturday? no? good-_- and do you know what's my current song now? it's beast and the harlot(A7X), stupid MF, Revenge(mindless self indulgence), fifth period massacre(LeATHERMOUTH). Yeah i think i getting insane now. but... those songs just like my diary. there some lyrics that have same thing with me. okay, about the sweet revenge. When i said "Please maafin gue. gue tau gue salah. kemaren juga gue ada masalah jadi maklumin aja kalo emosian. pleaseplease:[" then she reply "ok gapapa. gue juga udah lupain kok masalah itu". Then.. i thank god! i was really happy there. but, on sunday she said behond me on twitter like this "lo minta maaf sama gue?? gue gayakin". Then i DOWN AGAIN! that's sweet to forgive me, but that's the revenge.. she said something behind me! ohmygod. i'm not angry with her ANYMORE. but.. what did she said? i didn't believe that. ergghh it's jerk.

Okay look at gerard way's quote. I heart this:]

It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. As long as you're a good person, as long as you respect others
Gerard way? yeah he is MCR's lead vocalist. he is wise and childish-_- Seriously some of his quotes just like 'what-happened-to-me', or advice for me. I like him and i like his quotes. Gerard and his quotes make me smile again. It doesn't make me down always UP! he makes my heart burn like bob said-_- Okay i wanna scream right now like chester, frank, gerard and matt did. They sometimes screamin when thay sing ya know?! ugggh it's pain for me. It;s maybe not you. You're not good to me and you don't respect me. WTF, i've apologizing, remember? okay look at this quote again
I call it torture, you call it life

HAHA! it's actually what happened to me. hellyeah. maybe you think i'm kind of 'lebay' but..
losing friendship is hurt. more than losing crush

yeah i know the quote is bad. but it's mine haha. never mind-_- okay, i'm not okay now(like MCR's SONG. hey, it's my current too). Maybe you see i'm laughing. but you don't know my heart, right? it's break, break, and break again. I dunno, i always remember this more than i remember Gerard's face. aghhhsht! now, i'm trying to entertain myself with playing the games with @MCRmyindo. it's really amuse me haha-_-

Okay stop glooming I'M TIRED OF THIS!!!! okay, i say sorry again. i'm sorry, it's my fault:'[



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