Wednesday, March 17, 2010

brighter? maybe

Halo, i'm gonna use english again:b why? comfort? not yet, but i will :] Oke what's the title mean? hem.. still about the problem. may be it's getting brighter. or may be not. why? hm oke first, she said about her blog on the twitter. and i keep searching about her blog without asking her-_- okay, then i found! yeah then i clicked and read and.... whoaw she was post 'the problem' too there. she said we not have to apologize or whatever i don't understand *getting weird*. uggh it's maybe getting brighter because she said something that make me feel happy, but something make me feel mad uggh. okay look at gerard's quote again
Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond imperfections

Okay, i heart this quote. i dunno it just my feeling or what. i think gerard's quote is wise, cool and something that didn't show that he is a rockstar. MAYBE rockstar can't have that wisy quotes but... uggh whatever. About happy, we think it must perfect but no with gerard. he is different. and sometimes he said that he is not cool and he is very happy about that. But.. he is cool right? haha he's funny-_-

Okay change the topic! i'm happy and i'm little proud of it. you know it's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish? yeah that's mcr's song. i think the guitar part is too hard for girl like me :b but i've learned to read the tab, and.... BANG! i can play it easily wow! haha some of that part is hard, but other part is easy. and you know? i'm lead. not the rythm. it's make me getting freak, insane and... whatever!

Okay, i downloading the game now and it's about 3hours!!! 3hours, dude. rgggh. okay i'm still waiting here. it just 3 more minutes okay. chill out! i'm gonna say bye. goodbye and ttyl :]


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