Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sarcasm mode : off (serious!)

Okay, to SAW fans out there, who reads my blog or not, i want to apology of what i've said before.

Seriously, i'm sorry. Saw is AMAZING, they have plot! Well, it was my fool to watch saw from the 3rd one first. But i just watched saw I and saw II. They are genius, the traps were so cool, the motive is so awesome.
But, the 2nd one make me feel sad because it has a twist story at the end, not because i hate twist stories, but i just watched Now You See Me which also had a twist ending. And it brings me down to watch a twist story over and over again....

So... i've downloaded all the saw series. from 1 to 7. But i have to stop for awhile because i'm still in shock (not really, though. It's more like i'm in a feel of confusions). And guys, guys, i've already downloaded The first time as well WHICH Dylan plays in it and.... yeah i could fan-girl all day.

And by the way Teen Wolf season 3 is awesome.

End your confusion, start a new day. Cheers


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