Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sin amigos? Siempre solo

No friends? Forever alone

yup. Happy holiday everyone! How's your? great? good. Mine? Well yea man, pretty boring. Gaada temen, Forever alone. Ga jalan-jalan, Forever at home. Where the hell are your friends? let me tell you..

Sarah? Yea, i know she's the only one who always chat me. She's doing chores. Yes we are chatting. Tapi kayanya karena dia sibuk beres-beres rumah siang-malam, ya sampe lupa bales. Atau hanya di read? entah. Stupid wh*tsapp, it can't show us who had read our messages. Okay, moving on

Adila? Yes we are currently chatting everyday in Line. Talking some random things from sad to happy to anger and whatever it is. It is such a long time not chat with you, dil, since i never turn on the internet on my blackberry back then. Pffft

Where are the other CC? Some of 'em doesn't use whatsapp or line. And..... yep i don't really know what to talk :| By the way, those are 2 social medias (for chatting obviously because i, of course, had twitter and instagram on my phone) that i currently use. WTH? I know, guys, i know that you maybe thinking "where the heck is your blackberry messenger?". It is gone. HHMTPF (haha, man, that's pretty funny -according to dtrix) just kidding, man. I am no longer a blackberry user. And yes maybe you guessed it right because that "instagram" thingy that i've said. I'm an apple user now.

Terus gua ngapain selama liburan ini? Well, selama hari-hari kedepan sih gue masih belum tau. Tapi yang kemarin-kemarin? Well......

  • Nonton Youtube
I've subscribed to some of youtube famous who is hilarious. Like ItsKingsleyBitch, nigahiga, theDOMINICshow, etc.etc.etc. Dan gue lagi fangirl2-nya sama Yesterday Today Forever which included Ryan Higa and D-Trix in it
  • Being pathetic
HHMTPF. there are a lot of drama here. Nangis2, ngamuk, mengisolasi diri, kesel karena instinct gue salah pffft banyak lah ya

Yaudahlah daripada makin pathetic mendingan nonton youtube lagi

See ya


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