Saturday, April 21, 2012


I hate when the match comes. There are a lot of people insulting them and their fans in almost every match. It just hurt. We do support until the end, but some of us just insulting each other with other team's fans. I don't get it, is it how fans supposed to be? Sometimes we'll win, but there's a time when we will lose.

I don't hate the score
I don't hate the player
I don't hate how they play
I don't hate when other team scores a goal
I don't hate when the yellow card comes to the teams
I just confused about how we insult each other

Thing you longer see in el clasico

You may say that i take it too serious. But i'm serious that i don't like when we insult each other. I'm not kind of girl that like to insult either the team or the fans

Una bandera ens agermana (One flag unites us in brotherhood)


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