Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Current songskey 2

Helo again yeh. Jadi song ini buatan temen gue. Tapi, PAS SEKALI DENGAN ISI HATI SAYA. Ini sebenernya lagu best friend-nya toybox tapi diubah jadi BAD FRIEND-NYA TOMBOYBOX . Ini diawch

Tomboybox - Bad friend

heeeeee haaaaaa hoooooo huuuuuuu
Have you ever been in hell?

They're my bad friend bad of all bad friend
do you have a badfriend too?

they hit me in my armpit, its so sakit sakit
hey you should throw your best friend too

(yg ini agak jorok)
hello bitchie can I See your b**ps?
I'm going to the hovel and its gonna be fun
can I come I'm sitting alone
no you cant bad friends are always alone

thats left (harusnya thats right-_-)

maybe, some ugly aunt in your world
excuse me, I could be your cheapy maid
lately, everyone can making love

back to the *

aloha piggy lets go the hell
yeah grandmas ini bikini are waiting for me
but I was hoping for a winter discord
so why cant you take a chance

hiiiiii heeeeeee haaaaaaa huuuuuuu
you should throw your best friend too

Ini masih berkaitan dg posting sebelumnya. Yah gitu deh thingking sendiri aja ya youuu. Haha. Oke bye

Hanjing hanutraluhi

PS: credits to chika, vira, fikar (tomboybox)


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